Art Project

Artists Research Project 2018 -2019

Within India, most of the art activities emerge from metropolises Mumbai and Delhi or nearby art centers wherein art institute’s are established. Consequently, several artists who are based elsewhere, experience alienation at deeper pith than its philosophical or aesthetic domain. Consequently, their art practices emerge out of a personal experience of identity and loss and, location and the self, as instrumental in their creative acts. RCA GALLERY collective and art space chooses to create platform for artists who have been consistently working as an existential need/process, living at the peripheries of large cities and metropolises.

While choosing to work in deeply silent locales, these artists still want their voices to reach out to the masses. These aspects make their idioms and visual languages “not heard”/ “not known” before. Their idioms are not borrowed from the mainstream art practices. Often these happen to emerge from deep-listening into our own cultures.

This year’s theme is alienation.

Artists Research Project 2018 -2019

Six chosen artists will give one of their art works to RCA GALLERY. In reciprocation RCA GALLERY will sponsor their art activities for one year. Suppose the art work given to RCA GALLERY by one of the above artist costs a certain amount. In return RCA GALLERY will return the sum to that artist in small amounts for example quarterly. Likewise, all the 6 chosen artists will receive the money from RCA GALLERY for their given art works to RCA GALLERY Collective. Meanwhile Shubhalakshmi Shukla and Hansodnya Tambe (RCA GALLERY team) will make studio visits to each of these artists’ studios, every three months and write articles, interviews and detailed observations on the chosen artists, after each studio visit. Minimum one interview (written), one article, new art works and video clippings from the interviews will be uploaded after each studio visit, every three months. By the end of the year the core team would have made four studio visits to these artist’s studios and published articles and interviews on the RCA GALLERY web site.

Meanwhile, if any of the chosen artists involve in other projects or residencies and they want some funds or financial support from the RCA Gallery. The artist will be supported under the RCA Gallery’s terms and conditions.

As the year ends we six people will meet and share the art works and activities on slide projection at RCA GALLERY, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. After this slide show, we would present these works to art gallery in Mumbai, visualizing a show in Mumbai. This way one year’s project will get over between us. After a gap of three months as 2018-2019

The project will begin with each of the six artists giving one of their art works to RCA GALLERY. In case any of the chosen artists is found unable to do committed works consistently for one year, due to whatever unavoidable reasons, the payment of the so called funds will be disrupted mid-way and the artist will be excluded from the project.