Vivek Shanbhag

I am Vivek Shanbhag belong Murdeshwar Uttar Karnataka. I was brought up in Ratanagiri, Maharashtra. In 2005 I met senior artist of RCA Mr. Shridhar Gandhi. Through his classes on art, I realized that art cannot wake-up without consciousness towards art and culture. I decided to grow art culture first at our Ratnagiri region. In 2007 the first local senior artists exhibition was held in Mumbai. It was successful. This is how I preferred to learn about art with the local artists.

With my current connections with artist friends I would like to inaugurate RCA art gallery which should be a knowledge box to artists from all the ages. Meanwhile I also start collecting the senior and currents artists’ collection with the help of my artist friends and curator friends. From long ago several artists who have been working in difficult situations kept the art culture alive in our region. They did not receive any recognition or “success” in the current scenario. I would like to expose all senior and upcoming artists who work with RCA art gallery. By October 10th we will announce our fellowship for the upcoming and senior artists, promoting their art-practices and bringing up an annual showing of their works together. Any Ratanagirikar would appreciate such exhibition and would like to join our gallery. Any individual who practices criticality in their engagements, like writers, poets, engineers, environmentalists, musicians and educationists could approach us for collaborating with our visual artists in near future. Not only within Maharashtra or within India, through our projects we expect interactions at international level also.